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Why is Plastic Surgery so expensive?The real cost of surgical procedures

Everyone has something they’d like to fix about themselves. Whether for medical or aesthetic purposes, everyone has considered plastic surgery at some point in their life. The barrier? Cost. It’s difficult for some of us to justify spending money on ourselves, especially when plastic surgery can cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. So why does plastic surgery cost so much? Why spend so much money when you can get surgery cheaper somewhere else?

Well, we’re breaking down the true cost of surgery and how taking shortcuts can actually cost you a lot more.

Why is Plastic Surgery so expensive?

Why is surgery expensive? Well, first off, it’s not - especially when you consider everything that goes into getting a procedure. You have a consultation appointment where you meet with the physician to discuss your needs. Then you have a mark-up appointment to ensure the surgeon is cutting in the right location. Then you have anesthesia, a team of nurses, the day of your surgery. You then have continued follow-up at one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, and a year after surgery.

“When people think of surgery in terms of cost - you get what you pay for,” says Alyssa, one of the Patient Care Coordinators at PryorHealth. “If you go to Miami and get a Brazilian Butt Lift for $5,000, there’s a good chance you’ll never see the doctor again. If you have complications, you’re out of luck. Here, there’s follow-up. There’s an entire team behind this procedure.”

Why is Plastic Surgery so expensive?

Alyssa and Jazmin work as Patient Care Coordinators - they answer questions from prospective patients and schedule appointments. Unfortunately, they hear this a lot.

“One time, a client had asked about getting surgery elsewhere, citing that her sister got something done in Mexico for $3,000. She had complications with the procedure and had a hard time finding someone to fix it,” explains Alyssa. “We often see patients who have had surgery done elsewhere - they come to see us for revisions to fix their original surgery. You’ll have to pay more in the end.”

Jazmin agrees, “Your regular healthcare provider won’t cover to fix a cosmetic procedure done overseas. Not to mention airfare and other travel expenses, just to get cheaper surgery, you’ll have to pay more in the long run.”

Not only is cost a major factor to consider, but safety as well. “It’s not always clear how implants are regulated in other countries,” says Jazmin. “If you don’t know what you’re putting in your body, you could have some major health risks and problems. I spoke with a patient that sent me quotes she was given in another country. We talked to her about follow-up and risks associated with this and now she’s booking with us - there’s a responsibility to guide and inform people.”

Why is Plastic Surgery so expensive?

Before you rule out the option for surgery from your online research, schedule a consultation. “Some patients don’t really know what they need,” says Alyssa. “That’s why we don’t quote over the phone. Our surgeons need to examine you to assess which procedure best matches with your aesthetic goals.”

If cost is still a barrier, there are many options for those who are hesitant to make the financial commitment. At PryorHealth, we offer a few different pathways:

  • Financing through CareCredit and PatientFi with no interest for 12 months. You can finance up to 60 months with interest, pending credit approval.
  • You may take out a personal loan if you don’t have the best credit score.
  • You can schedule out your surgery for 6 months, apply a down payment, and make monthly payments until your surgery date to pay in full.
  • You can also put money down and then finance the rest.

What about your taxes? There are some people who pay up front, then claim cosmetic procedures on their taxes. While this may seem like a good idea, you should check with your financial advisor before making any claims. According to the IRS, you cannot deduct what you spend on plastic surgery. “This includes any procedure that is directed at improving the patient’s appearance and doesn’t meaningfully promote the proper function of the body or prevent or treat illness or disease,” says the IRS’s website.

Of course, these aren’t all inclusive, there are situations where cosmetic procedures are medical. For example, if a person undergoes surgery to remove all or part of their breast due to cancer, breast reconstruction surgery would be considered a tax-deductible procedure.

Why is Plastic Surgery so expensive?

Plastic surgery is an everyday occurrence for us at PryorHealth, but we understand it is a huge physical, mental, and financial commitment for the patient. That’s why we have a process - beginning with consultation and ending with follow up to ensure that you’re comfortable and healing properly. Because at PryorHealth, we know peace of mind is something you can’t buy.

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