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Andropause Treatmentsin Rockford, IL

Andropause is a condition some men experience due to decreased testosterone as a result of aging.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that increases in production during puberty and remains an important hormone throughout an adult man’s life. While women’s bodies also produce testosterone, men have higher testosterone levels than women. In men, testosterone is responsible for sex drive (libido), hair growth on the body and face, a deep voice, the development of male sex organs, muscle development, fat distribution, bone growth, and sperm production.

What Andropause Treatments Are Most Effective?

Hormonal replacement therapies are considered the best way to treat andropause that persists despite health and lifestyle improvements.

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What Is Andropause?

Low testosterone levels or testosterone deficiency is common among aging males. At approximately age 50, male testosterone levels taper off or a sharp drop in testosterone production may occur. This is known as andropause, a condition that is also known colloquially as male menopause. It is related to late-onset hypogonadism and androgen deficiency.

Testosterone is a vital part of one’s manhood. Among adolescent boys, low testosterone levels can result in a failure to develop classic masculine traits such as a low voice, facial hair, and a masculine build, among others. Meanwhile, andropause may occur in older adult men that may have had normal testosterone levels for the duration of adulthood. It can cause a host of symptoms and concerns for aging men that can negatively impact a man’s quality of life.

How Is Testosterone Produced in Men?

Testosterone production is regulated by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain. The pituitary gland may be small, but it plays a major role in the human body’s endocrine system.

The endocrine system encapsulates all the hormonal production processes throughout the body. In men, the brain sends signals to the pituitary gland to produce testosterone in the testes. The pituitary gland continuously regulates the amount of the testosterone hormone in the blood.

What Causes Andropause?

While the pituitary gland usually does a good job of testosterone regulation, some men experience testosterone levels that are too low or too high. When levels are too low as a result of aging, it is known as andropause.

As males age, the endocrine system, along with various systems in the human body, work less effectively. Frequently, men begin to notice these changes starting around age 50. In addition to aging, andropause can also be caused by taking certain medications. Anti-testosterone medication for prostate cancer patients is one such example. Health conditions such as testicular cancer or surgical removal of the testes are also known to induce low testosterone levels among men.

What Are the Symptoms of Andropause?

Men with the condition can experience a number of andropause symptoms. Physical and psychological effects are common, along with sexual dysfunction. Among the most commonly reported signs of andropause in men are low libido, reduced energy levels, erectile dysfunction (ED), poor concentration, hair loss, an increase in body fat, insomnia, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement), loss of muscle mass, infertility, and depression. Decreased testicle size, osteoporosis, and hot flashes in men occur less commonly.

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How Is Andropause Diagnosed?

A doctor may perform a blood test to check hormone levels in the blood, including testosterone, to determine if a man is testosterone deficient. It is also helpful to discuss symptoms such as sluggishness or reduce libido with your doctor, as these may indicate the presence of male menopause. Treatments are available to correct a hormonal imbalance in men such as low testosterone levels.

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Is it Possible to Increase Testosterone Naturally?

There are steps men can take to promote optimal testosterone production in a natural way. Eating a healthy diet, getting an adequate night of sleep, lowering stress levels, and regular exercise helps the body perform at peak condition throughout life and help support testosterone production.

However, some men experience male menopause as a natural part of aging despite maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Treatments are available to increase testosterone levels in men that are experiencing andropause.

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